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Lakeland's Little Learners


Fourth Annual 


Learning & Lunch Event 

Saturday, October 6, 2018 from 8:30 am - 4:00 pm

Registration 7:45 am, Center Tours 7:45 am

Event Seminars


Session 1:


#1 Keeping It Hands-On  

This 1-1/2 hour “hands on” workshop will have you leaving with projects ready to use with the children in your care.  Materials needed for making the projects will be provided, but, participants should plan on bringing their own scissors with them.

     Pattie Woods - Elkhorn Area School District 

     Parent Connections Program Coordinator

     Bachelor of Science in Education


#2 Introduction to Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA): How to Promote Desirable Behavior

This training provides an overview of ABA, the science of behavior, including how to identify the function of problem behavior so that effective strategies can be implemented to minimize challenging behavior and teach alternative skills. Primary concepts include behavior defined, functional assessment, replacement behaviors, reinforcement, new skill acquisition, reinforcement and data collection.

     Sarah Hardison, LPC, BCBA

     Licensed Behavior Analyst


Session 2:


#3 Collaborating with Your Public Library: A Win-Win for Everyone!

 Learn about the many different resources,  materials, and services offered by public libraries in general and the Matheson Memorial Library in particular.  Storytime kits, technology, online resources, and new books will be showcased along with tips for use in early childhood classrooms.

     Jennifer Wharton - Youth Services Librarian

     Matheson Memorial Library

     Master’s Degree in Library and information Science at UIUC; writes for SLJ and No Flying No Tights and        chairs a nonfiction award for CYBILS


#4 Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA): Going Beyond Topography

This training covers the functional assessment of problem behavior in detail including methods for conducting a FBA so that effective  and functionally appropriate interventions can be developed.  Strategies for applying out-comes from an FBA are provided with guidelines on how to select and teach new skills.  Primary concepts include function vs topography defined, behavior function identification, FBA tools, and  ways to determine appropriate proactive/reactive interventions.

    Sarah Hardison, LPC, BCBA

      Licensed Behavior Analyst


Session 3:


#5 Making Your Lesson Plan Come to Life 

Take lesson plans from paper and pen to reality!  Even the best lesson plans won’t benefit your children unless they leave the paper and come alive in your classroom environment.   

     Terry Michel - Lead Coordinator Preschool & 4K

     Associates Degree in Education

     Linda VanBuskirk - Lead Coordinator Infant/Toddler

    BA in Education, and Master Trainer


#6 Reinforcement: What It Is and How to Use It 

This training covers the most important scientific principle of establishing and maintaining desirable behavior: REINFORCEMENT. Guidelines for determining appropriate stimuli to use for reinforcement of behavior are provided along with methods of distributing reinforcement that will result in optimal success.  Primary concepts include reinforcement defined, preference assessment, and schedules of reinforcement.

     Sarah Hardison, LPC, BCBA

     Licensed Behavior Analyst


Session 4:


#7 Reduce Stress and Be Refreshed

Simple things can be done to help you and the children in your classroom weather the demands of an early childhood classroom.  Take care of body and spirit and be your best!

     Laura Nehs - LMT WI License #14199-146

     Natural Holistic and Aromatherapy


#8 Challenging Behaviors

This workshop focuses on understanding challenging behaviors among children. It provides behavioral management strategies to use with young children, and teaches educators how to react to behavior problems. If you have taken this Kohl’s Building Blocks workshop before, take it again, it is NEW!

     Rebecca Michelsen, M.Ed., MCHES

     Penfield Children’s Center  / Kohl’s Cares




Soup & salad luncheon is included with registration. 


Through October 1: $50.00

After October 1: $65.00


Groups of 7 or more registrants from the same center location may earn 1 FREE conference registration!

Please register by phone, mail, e-mail, or fax.

Call 262-723-8391

Fax 262-723-8381


Payments and/or registrations may be mailed to: 240 E Commerce Court, Elkhorn, WI 53121


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