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LLL's hot lunch program costs $3.00/day. Children can either opt in or out of the program. If you choose to use our hot lunch program, you will be charged for hot lunch every day your child is scheduled for school. We ask that if you bring a cold lunch, please do not send anything that requires warming. If you choose to send cold lunch you must also send milk for lunch, OR opt to be charged $0.35/day for milk with cold lunch. Cold lunches must follow the same USDA guidelines as our hot lunch program. Please see the lunch menu section for these guidelines. Here are some cold lunch ideas.

Food Allergy?

If your child has a food allergy please note this on your child's emergency & health history form and complete the Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Plan. Please also be sure to tell the office or your child's teacher. 


Also, make sure to note how severe your child's allergy is. Does your child require an EpiPen? LLL can provide an allergy alert bracelet if you would like your child to wear it while he/she is at LLL. 

Cherry Tomatoes
Food Guidelines

Lakeland's Little Learners follows the meal pattern guidelines developed by the USDA's Child and Adult Care Food Program.

Lunch Menu
Lunch Menu


Toddler/Two's Snack Menu


LLL's hot lunch program follows the USDA Nutrition Guidelines for infants and children. Lunch is served family style as is developmentally appropriate. Children will learn how to serve themselves food, pour milk, set the table, and clean up when they are finished. 

Snacks are served in the morning and in the afternoon. Snacks are free of charge. 

Food Survey for Infants & Toddlers

Preschool Snack Menu

Snacks are served in the morning and afternoon with milk. Snacks are free of charge. If you would like to donate a snack food for the 4K snack menu please contact the office. 



Milk is provided with hot lunch at additional charge. All snacks come with milk as well. If you would like us to serve your child milk with a cold lunch please notify the office (fee of $0.30/day). Infants under one year are NOT served milk. Children under two years of age are served whole milk. Children two years and older are served skim milk.


Thanksgiving Feast

Lakeland's Little Learners holds an annual Thanksgiving Feast the Thursday before Thanksgiving. Classrooms help prepare food (pies, stuffing, jello, bread, rolls, brocolli casserole, and fruit) and our kitchen prepares turkey, mashed potatoes, and gravy. Each child is allowed to invite one special guest free of charge  to share their meal. On this day, our classrooms are set up to accomodate several "adult" sized feast tables. It is always a great time with delicious food. As always, donations are appreciated. 

Click on chokable foods to find a copy of the rules and regulations that we follow when providing food to our children. If you are bringing food from home for snacks or lunch, we must still follow the rules so please read this important information especially in regards to what we cannot serve. Thank you!


Our parties always include food with family & friends

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