Why should I give a donation?

Lakeland's Little Learners is a nonprofit school and we qualify as a charitable organization. Any donations made to Lakeland's Little Learners can be used towards a tax write-off. Each year, it is Lakeland's Little Learners goal to raise $15,000.00 in fundraisers or donations to balance our operating budget. 


Donating to our school not only helps with our operating budget, but it also provides benefits for our teachers, improvements to our classrooms, and services to our families. Such services include family fun night events, LLL's annual Thanksgiving Feast, LLL's Christmas Program, LLL's Oktoberfest, etc.


Furthermore, every year, LLL compiles a quality improvement plan that includes a list of things that would improve our school. The quality improvement list for 2017 can be viewed here


Lakeland's Little Learners provides care to all children including W-2 families receiving assitance. We would love to be able to set up a scholarship fund for families needing assistance as well. There is a great need in the community for quality child care and preschool. 90% of the household incomes in Elkhorn's Jackson School District (which is the 4K district assigned to Lakeland's Little Learners) are below poverty level.

If you are able to help, we would like to give you are heartfelt thanks and appreciation. If you cannot help with a monetary donation, and would like to give your help in a different way, LLL is always looking for volunteers. Please contact Debbie Nehs

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