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Medication Administration

All medications that are administered at LLL, need prior written authorization. Parents must complete the Authorization to Administer Medication form. Please be specific and thorough when completing the Authorization to Administer Medication form. "As Needed" is not sufficient to describe the stituation in which the medication should be administered. Instead use descriptive phrases such as "give with coughing, wheezing, or shortness of breath" or "apply sunscreen to exposed skin 30 minutes prior to going outside." It is also important to write down the dose of the medication including the medication concentration. For example instead of writing give 10 mL of Tylenol, write give 10 mL children's Tylenol (160mg/5mL) every 4 hours maximum by mouth for headache. This concentration is located on the front and back of the medication label.  


Medication Guidelines
  • Medications must come in the original container.

  • All medications must have a current medication name, dose, and route of administration on the label or Authorization to Administer Medication form.

  • All medications must be kept in locked containers in the classroom. Under no circumstances are medications allowed to be kept in a child's bag. For more information see our Medication Tip Sheet.

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