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Welcome to the Infant Room!

Lead Teacher: Ms. Louise Patryn

Assistant Teacher: Ms. Krista Patrick


Infant Daily Classroom Schedule

Due to the fact that each child's schedule is so unique, there is no set daily schedule for the infant room. Each child's daily schedule is individually formed by their pattern of waking, sleeping, eating, and needs for routine care. Routine care shall include diapering and hand washing.


During waking hours, emphasis is placed on responding individually to a child's needs for play as learning, growth experiences, holding, rocking, being talked with and sung to, walks in and out of the center, and indoor and outdoor activities. Each child shall have time to freely play and explore on their own. 


Lesson Plans

Infant lesson plans are individualized for each child. Each child will have a set of goals to work towards. Once a goal is reached, a new goal is set. These goals are posted in the room. Please ask if you would like to know more. 



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Our reccomendations


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Mabels Labels makes labels for clothing and supplies, and are durable. 

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