Enrollment Forms

Below are forms that are required for enrollment at Lakeland's Little Learners. All children need to have completed and up-to-date: Child Care Enrollment, Health History & Emergency Care Plan, Immunization Record, Enrollment Agreement, Family Questionnaire, and Directory Data Notice


Note: Parents of children in Wisconsin can access their child's immunization record from the Wisconsin Immunization Registry.


The Child Health Report is required for all children until they reach Kindergarden age. Children under two years of age need updated well child physicals every six months. Children two and older only need updated well child physicals every two years. This is the only form that needs to be completed by a physician, physician's assistant, or nurse practitioner. Completed reports may be faxed to 262.723.8381 or e-mailed. You may also hand them in directly to the office. 


All children travelling to and from LLL via a bus  or walking by themselves from their Wrap-Around classroom need to have completed and up-to-date alternate arrival/release agreement forms.


Children under two years of age also need to have completed the Intake for Children Under Two

There are five Alternate Arrival/Release Agreement Forms already pre-filled. Please choose the one that corresponds to your child and turn it in. 


1. Tibbets Wrap Around

2. Jackson Wrap Around

3. Grade Schools

4. Elkhorn Area Middle School

5. Summer School



Due dates

All forms must be completed and turned in one week before your child's first day of attendance. 


The Child Health Report has to be on file within one month of your child's first day of attendance. 

4K Enrollment Forms

4K Enrollment requires a different set of forms. You can download the district forms or pick up an enrollment packet form the LLL office or School District office. There are additional forms that we need completed before the first day. 


Below are all of Lakeland's Little Learners policies. Please read through the material carefully.



Below is some useful information related to childcare at LLL.